A few preliminary thoughts.

You're looking for a way to make money, right?  Good for you.  But before you get too excited, there are a few things to think of.

What do you expect from this project?  Are you looking for a few extra dollars a month or do you need a full-time income?  Be realistic with your expectations here.

How much time do you plan to spend on this?  Will you work at it occasionally, when there's nothing good on television, or will you devote several hours or more each day to increasing your income?  Obviously, the more time you have to work on this, the better your chances are to make some serious money.  You might be one of the lucky few who discover an untapped market just waiting to throw money at your offering, but I wouldn't go sign the papers for a new car just yet, at least not until the bank account is growing nicely.  If you have only a few hours a week to work at your income-producing project, that's fine, too.  It might take a bit longer to reach your goal, but you can enjoy the trip.

Will you have customers or clients visiting your home?  This raises all sorts of issues such as zoning regulations, home owners associations, parking, insurance, and neighborhood complaints.  Take the time to investigate the legalities, including local ordinances and licensing requirements.  You certainly don't want to invest your time, money, and hopes into something that could be closed down with a telephone call to the authorities.

And speaking of the authorities, don't forget about the tax collectors.  Keep good records of your expenses and your income, and seek the services of a good tax preparer, if necessary, when the time comes. As it will.  There are some great software programs to help with this part, but you can keep your information in a notebook, too, until the time comes when you want to do more with it.  Just be sure to keep good records, whatever method you use.

When all is said and done, you should enjoy your money-making efforts.  After all, isn't that what a hobby is about?