It seems like it's always gift-giving season, doesn't it?  Christmas, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, congratulations or thanks- lots of occasions call for some sort of gift.  Rather than dreading the next round of gift-giving, wouldn't it be nice to look forward to it?  Wouldn't it be great to come out of the holiday season with extra money in your pocket and no extra bills in the mail?

Well, let's look at gift-giving as an opportunity.  Many people are happy running out to the nearest big box store at the last minute and grabbing whatever is left on the shelves, but many more people want to give gifts that are personal and show thought and caring on the part of the giver.  And that's where the opportunity lies.

Right now someone is out looking for a special gift for the parents of a new-born baby.  Should it be clothing, a toy, maybe a gift certificate for a diaper service?  All good gifts, of course, and useful, especially the gift certificate, but not exactly special, are they?  What do you think they would say if you could offer them a Personalized Baby Newspaper -- a custom-framed announcement keepsake gift? It�s something that can be treasured for years. It captures the exact magical moment someone�s baby arrives and gives all the details that occurred on that special day. 

Or how about special newspaper-format announcements for graduations, weddings, anniversaries, or retirement?  When you put your mind to it, you can probably come up with lots of occasions when a personalized newspaper would make a great gift.

OK, the market is there, so how do you reach it?  Glad you asked.  An entreprenurial spirit named Terrance has developed what he calls the ultimate home-based business course.   He provides templates for the newspapers and instructions on how to start your own personalized newspaper business.  He even includes information on how to start a business selling personalized candy.  (Think Valentine parties, birthday party favors, or even New Years Eve parties).

You have a computer and an internet connection, obviously, and you probably have Microsoft Word already.  Well, add in Terrance's course and that's all you need to start your own profitable home business.  Click Here for more information!