A Hobby That Can Make You Rich
Or Leave You Broke

Are you a gambler?  Do you enjoy playing the lottery or visiting on-line casinos?  Do you like the rush of putting your money down on something that just might make you rich?  If this is you, let's talk about penny stocks.

While there is no set definition of penny stocks, they are generally considered to be stock that is priced below $5 a share, and sometimes as low as $1 a share.  Most penny stocks are issued by companies that are relatively new to the market or companies without a certain level of net assets.

Don't even consider investing in penny stocks if you don't have at least a few hundred dollars that you can afford to lose.  However, by jumping on the right stock at the right time you can ideally go from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars in returns.  Penny stock investing can be an affordable option if you want to test the stock market without losing a great deal of money.

So how do you know what bandwagon to jump on and when to jump off?  That, my friend, is the trick to successful penny stock investing.  Research and preparation are vital, but what and how should you research and where? 

Luckily, there are businesses available that do just that-  they do the research and provide you with lists of their best choices for hot penny stocks.  Some even guarantee that their research is 100% unbiased.

Please understand that penny stock investing can be very risky.  It can also be very rewarding, but you must know what you're doing or you must have someone trustworthy to advise you.  If you're truly interested in learning how to uncover penny stocks before they explode, do your research, calculate what you can afford to lose, and give it a shot. And good luck!