Who can't use some extra money? 

Whether you want a little something more or a lot, there are many ways to gain an increased income.  Some of the ideas presented here will be new to you, others you may have considered and passed on because you did not know how to go about implementing them.

For instance, did you know there is money to be made in old, non-winning lottery tickets?  Do you embroider or are you handy with a whittling knife?  Do you like to work with jewelry or flowers?  Each of these ideas has meant more money to someone, so why not to you?

I called this site MakeMoney17Ways, but there are a lot more than 17 ways to increase your income.  I'll be adding new methods as I come across them, and I'd be pleased to include any ideas you might have.  Send your thoughts to: MakeMoney at makemoney17ways.com